Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, traditionally believed to have been founded in the year AD 52 by Saint Thomas- one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, and known by the name of the Apostle.

Mar Thoma Church of Greater Seattle is part of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Kerala, India




20807 142nd Ave SE

Kent, WA 98042



2020 Executive Committee

President/Vicar: Rev. Sam Philip

Vice- President: Mr. Aby Angilivelil

Secretary: Mrs. Menaka Abraham

Treasurer: Mr. P. M. Mathew

Accountant: Mr. Rinu Rajan

Lay Leader (Malayalam): Mr. Joseph Mathew

Lay Leader (English): Mr. Prince Varghese

Mandalam Representative: Mrs. Saramma Titus

Assembly Member: Mr. Thomas George                    

South Area Prayer: Mr. Santhosh Varughese

North Area Prayer: Mr. Ivan Joseph

Portland Prayer Group:  Mr. K. C. Mammen

Sevika Sangam: Mrs. Anit Mathew

Young Families: Mr. Boney Mathew

Youth Fellowship: Mr. Sandeep George

Choir: Mrs. Dora Titus

Edavaka Mission:  Mr. Sanjay Samuel

Sunday School: Mr. Sunu Mathew

Senior Citizens Fellowship (Non voting): Mr. Abraham Thomas

Auditors:  Mr. Nitin Punnen

                    Mr. Toji Oommen