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Youth Fellowship

Youth must be encouraged to be more spiritually inclined and develop a relationship with Christ. 

The Mar Thoma Church of Greater Seattle Youth Fellowship is one of the most active organizations in the church. Our Youth Fellowship comprises of teens and young adults between the ages of 13 and 35 and leads the Sunday Worship service and English Praise and Worship on second Sundays of the month.​ In addition to leading church services, our youths also actively take part in community events and outreach missions.​ 

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Youth Fellowship exist to establish meaningful relationships between mature adult believers and students for the purpose of helping the student grow in their relationship with the Lord.

youth group, or youth fellowship, is a religious, age-specific group. It caters towards getting youth, typically ages 12-18, involved in faith-based activities and spiritual awakening. The youth church groups may also include individuals up to 30 years old who serve as leaders of the group that relate to the participants.

The teens involved in the youth group usually attend the church. Generally, someone within the church has organized a group to engage with young people regarding their faith and understanding of their beliefs. For example, a Christian youth group encourages involvement both within the church and the community as ambassadors for Christ as they grow and begin to learn and have more experiences.

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Join Us!

Meeting Days: 2nd Sundays of the month

Secretary: Hannah Oommen


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