Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, traditionally believed to have been founded in the year AD 52 by Saint Thomas- one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, and known by the name of the Apostle.

Mar Thoma Church of Greater Seattle is part of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Kerala, India




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Kent, WA 98042



Prayer Groups

Our organizations are the strength of this parish. Every organization has their own committees and they convene regularly for bible studies and other activities.


Prayer groups are the backbone of our church and prayer is the cornerstone of our faith life. Let me thank each and every prayer group leader for coordinating the prayer group meetings. We have three area prayer groups - South, North and Portland. They come together every month regularly and conduct bible studies at houses.  Portland prayer group comes together for the Holy Communion service on 3rd Saturdays.

South Area Prayer Group

As a Prayer group, we met on a monthly basis at various member's homes. Each month our discussion leader would send out the topic in advance so that each person could prepare for discussing from God's Word. We had very energetic and enthusiastic discussion leaders to lead the prayer group in Achen, Alex, Anitha Santosh, Boney Mathew, Johnson Daniel, Rinu Rajan, Dr. Santhosh Varughese, and Rina Manaloor. As a prayer group, we went to feed the Homeless at the Messiah Lutheran Church on several occasions. We were humbled to see how God has blessed each one of us and how much more we need to do for others for the extension of His kingdom.

North Area Prayer Group

The North Area Prayer group completed another blessed year in 2015. We held meetings every month except for December and continue to study from the Gospel of John. Wilson David, Sanjay Jacob and Manoj Mathew led the different sessions of the Bible study. The adults and the kids actively participated in the sessions and the especially the kids came up with some thought provoking and soul searching questions.


The NAP raised more than $1000 towards helping address the global issue of human trafficking. On May 9th, we participated in a 5K run hosted by World Concern. More than twenty Mar Thoma members, including infants like Christa in a stroller - ran, jogged or walked through the sunny Shoreline, raising awareness and enjoying camaraderie with 1500 like-minded participants.


On November 14th, Allen Aby and Sarina Sanjay joined adults from the NAP to volunteer their time at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle. The Ronald McDonald House supports families of terminally ill children. Besides providing them with food, they also give the kids and their families a place to stay. The boarding and lodging is totally free and this place depends a lot on volunteers. We helped organize, clean, vacuum and disinfect the different areas of the House.

Portland Area Prayer Group

Portland Prayer Group conducts prayer meetings regularly on every 3rd Fridays and Holy Communion on third Saturdays.