Prayer Groups

Our organizations are the strength of this parish. Every organization has their own committees and they convene regularly for bible studies and other activities.


Prayer groups are the backbone of our church and prayer is the cornerstone of our faith life. Let me thank each and every prayer group leader for coordinating the prayer group meetings. We have three area prayer groups - South, North and Portland. They come together every month regularly and conduct bible studies at houses.  Portland prayer group comes together for the Holy Communion service on 3rd Saturdays.

South Area Prayer Group

The South Area Prayer group (SAP) met once a month on every third Sunday during year 2019. We thank Mr. Johnson Daniel for coordinating the South Area Prayer meetings this year. Along with the vicar, members also took active part in leading the sessions. We thank the following members for leading the session – Mr. Abraham Thomas, Mr. Prakash John Meloot, Mrs. Susan Manaloor, Mr. Sanjay Samuel, and Mr. V. I. Mathew. We thank all those members that opened up their homes and provided food. We are humbled to see how God has blessed each one of us and how much more we need to do for others for the extension of His kingdom.

North Area Prayer Group

The North Area Prayer group (NAP) meetings were held once a month on every third Saturday for year 2019, under the leadership of our vicar. About 15 to 20 families participated in the fellowship. The prayer meetings continued to provide a venue to study bible to aid spiritual growth, strengthen the community through prayers and hold open discussions to address and understand modern day challenges through God’s Word. 11 families graciously opened their homes to host the meetings and several members volunteered to lead the discussions. Prayer sessions were concluded by potluck dinners that helped strengthen the camaraderie among the families. An outdoor hike/picnic event followed by a prayer meeting was held at Jeanne Hanson Park in City of Snoqualmie in August. Members also participated in the SOS 5K run on Saturday, May 11th to Seek Out and Stop Child Trafficking under the leadership of Mr. Allen Thomas Aby. We thank everybody who volunteered to host the meetings, lead the discussions, help organize the events and prepare food for monthly meetings and outdoor event. Also, a special thanks to Allen for coordinating the 5K event year after year. We thank Mrs. Mary Jacob Mathews (Suja) for coordinating the North area prayer groups this year.

Portland Area Prayer Group

Portland Prayer Group conducted prayer meetings regularly on every second Fridays and Holy Communion services was conducted on every second and fourth Saturdays for year 2019. This year we had 23 Holy Communion services and 14 prayer meetings conducted at Portland. Mr. Jerry Varghese Cheruvathur served as the Secretary and Mr. Sujit Thomas as Trustee for the year 2019. Mr. Mathews Abraham Manaloor represented Portland prayer group in the executive committee 2019. We thank them all for their great service. A special word of appreciation to all those who opened their homes for Prayer meeting during the year 2019.


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