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I will study your commandments and reflect upon your ways.
Psalms 119:15

Sunday School

Proverbs 22:6 - "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." 

Our Sunday school stands as a vibrant pillar of our church, cultivating an environment where our young members can deepen their Christian faith.

We are privileged to shepherd a thriving community of over 80 children, guided and nurtured by our dedicated team of more than 20 teachers and volunteers. Our children actively engage in a variety of activities such as participating in the Junior Choir, performing in annual skits, spreading joy with house-to-house caroling during the Christmas season, leading fellowship sessions and assisting during service in church.

General Information about Sunday School:

We host in-person Sunday School sessions every Sunday from 9 to 10 am PT during the school year
A typical session includes a common singing period (~15-20 minutes) followed by engaging Bible lessons and discussions (~40-45 minutes)
Every third Sunday, our Sunday School children and Junior Choir have the honor of leading the church service.

In addition to our regular Sunday School program, we also host an annual Vacation Bible School, a fun and spiritually enriching program that is always a highlight of our children's summer.

Our dedicated leadership team:

Sunday School Superintendent: Mr. Iby Thampy
Sunday School Secretary: Mr. Mathew George

Upcoming key dates:

  • September 03: Inauguration of the 2023/2024 Sunday School year

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Sunday School Competitions and Exams include the VERSEathon among other events, fostering an exciting and engaging atmosphere for our students to learn God's Word.

In praise and prayer, we give thanks to God for our Sunday School and the unwavering commitment and support from our parish. We earnestly pray for God's blessings upon our children and seek His guidance as we strive to lead them in His path. We aspire to utilize this organization to glorify His name, now and always.

Sunday School Competitions and Exam

Local Exams:

  • Mid-term exam: Dec-Jan (teacher's choice)

  • Annual exam: TBD (during Sunday School time for nursery to Grade 4)

Diocesan Exam:

Applicable to Grade 5 - Grade 10 kids only


  1. Diocesan exam student registration should be emailed to via attached spreadsheet by March 1st 2020 to

  2. Send registration fees along with a hard copy of the signed registration form to the Diocesan Sunday School Treasurer. (OPEN)






The Diocesan Exam format:


  • Foundation and Vision Lessons will be same as past but curriculum book lessons covered for exam will vary each year.

  • Old Exams:

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