2021 Spring Challenge

  Goal : 7500 points

Deadline : May 30, 2021

For kids & adults

Every level completed by an individual = 100 points

Passages to memorize

Marble Surface

Level 1 

  • Lord’s Prayer(St. Luke 11:1-4)

  • Psalm 23

  • 10 Commandments

  • Galatians 5:22-23 (Fruit of the Spirit)

Level 3 

  • Psalm 34

  • Psalm 51

  • Books of the New Testament

Green Tiles

Level 5 

  • Psalm 103

  • St. John 6:53-58

  • Psalm 117

  • Psalm 133

Level 2 

  • Psalm 121

  • Psalm 1

  • Psalm 91

Level 4

  • St. Matthew 7:7-11, 5:1-12

  • 1 Corinthians 13

  • Psalm 19

  • Books of the Old Testament

Wood Panel

Level 6 & above

To be revealed...


Level 3

Grade 2

Natanya Ron

Grade 4

Samara Ron

Level 2


Talia Punnoose

Grade 2

Lydia Mathew

Grade 4

Hannah Mathew

Johan Varughese

Joshua Abraham

Grade 7

Ben Mathew

Level 1


Michelle Abraham

Grade 1

Christa Mathew

Christina George

Dominic Mathew

Grade 2

Reuben Jim

Timothy Thomas

Grade 3

Gianna Punnoose

Grade 4

Elizabeth(Lisa) Mathew


Grade 6

Evyn Navin

Joshua Thomas

Grade 7

Ryan Jim


What is VERSEathon?

This is a Bible passage memorization challenge that will continue into next year.

There are multiple levels, and each level has a set of passages. All passages on a particular level should be completed, before moving to the next. Everyone goes through the same list, but at their own pace.

The aim is not to compete against anyone, it is just about trying to achieve your best and helping everyone learn.


Why are we doing this?

Psalm 119:11 – “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Keeping God’s word in our heart is essential for our spiritual growth. This journey will help us get a bit closer to God’s word.


Who can participate?

Though Sunday School is taking the initiative for this challenge, youth & adults are encouraged to participate.

Making it a family activity will make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. After all, learning God’s word is everyone’s responsibility!

What is being done to ensure I don’t forget what I learnt in the past?

When the new Sunday school year starts, teacher/reviewers would test whether previous passages are still in memory.

Eg. If you had completed level 3 by June 2021 , when Sunday school resumes in September 2021, you would need to recite all passages in Level 1,2 & 3 before you can start with level 4.

(Teachers may decide to do a review more frequently.)


Is there a reward for completing a level?

  • Each person who completes a level 

    • Earns a certificate

    • Earns 100 points for the 'Sunday School fun event'.

  • Every Sunday school student who completes a level can expect a gift from their teacher.

How will I be tested?

  • For Sunday school kids

As long as our meetings are virtual, testing would also be virtual, through a video call. (There may not enough time for testing during Sunday school class time)

As and when you are ready, schedule a time with your Sunday school teacher or with Sunu/ Anu/ Allen.

A parent should be present during the call and he/she takes the responsibility of ensuring that no reference material is used.

  • For Youth/ Adults

    • Video call - When ready, you can call up Sunu/ Anu/ Allen/ a Sunday School teacher.

    • Video recording – You can send in a video recording (done in the presence of a Sunday school student who will certify that no reference material is used 😉). Drive location where recording is uploaded can be shared to Sunu/ Anu/ Allen

Can I use an English/ Malayalam Bible?

Yes, both are acceptable.

NIV is preferred if you are learning new, but no need to re-learn in NIV.

I have more questions, who can answer those?

Please reach out to a Sunday school teacher or to Sunu / Anu


Learning resources

Fruit of the Spirit Song-

Everyone is encouraged to share resources that may help with the memorizations – songs, videos.

If you have something that has helped you/ your child learn. Please let Sunu/ Anu/Menaka  know so that it gets included here.