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Upcoming Programs

Events/programs  are conducted in church so people are encouraged to stay connected in their other community engagements. The first step in evangelizing the world is evangelization of the church. Perhaps the first step in getting many members is to get better members. Before adding new mem­bers to the church, we should try to add new life to the old members. The different events/programs helps in this regards.


MTC Greate Seattle Family Retreat 2023

Date : 18 - 20 , August 2023


Warm Beach camps & Conference Centre

208800 Marine Drive, Standwood WA 98292


 Disconnect to Reconnect 

Guest Speaker 

Ms. Shijy Alex

Register @

Mar Thoma Church of Greater Seattle Presents

2023 September 10th

Kester Live in Concert


Sreya Jayadeep

Contact :

Jim Joseph (646) 712-2301

Tobin Mathew (214) 518-9509

Judy Sunny (206) 335-0411

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